Wednesday, 24 December 2014



It's freezing outside and what better way to keep warm than with a Stylish Mohair Jacket?

Recently I've be loving this Vintage Style and  also featured a Mohair piece in my previous blog post PEACOCK.

They're elaborate, bold, cosy and ideal for the cold! From popping shades to subtle hues a Statement Mohair is for everyone.



Saturday, 20 December 2014



The nights are darker and moodier along with the Fashion Season
so I've gone for a dark,edgy look and mixed chic with hip-hop.

Again I'm wearing a Pac Piece.. what can I say I'm a Pacaholic! 

I really like clashing graphics with prints and the earthy dark tones in the Jacket and the Baroque Prints are perfect for Winter.

I kept my hair slick and my accessories were a mixture of 80'S(earrings)and Contemporary Jewellery as my Statement FATZ K Neck Piece is made from recycled vintage (You may have recognised this Necklace from my AUTUMN SHADES look).


Friday, 28 November 2014



Winter may be around the corner but that isn't stopping me from rocking bold prints and vibrant shades-and that shouldn't stop you ;).

I love the tropical colours in the trousers and the way these two pieces really complement each other. Even though the print and shades are exotic their cool tones coincide with the cold weather.   

I'm an 80's chick so I finished off the look with statement art deco earrings and a chain head piece.


Saturday, 15 November 2014



Lately I've been inspired by fallen leaves and the golden,orange shades of Autumn.

I instantly knew that my floral culottes would help create the perfect Fall Look. 
Not only are they a hot trend this season but the colour palette is ideal;burnt oranges,mustards,deep maroons and golden browns. 

As you may know from previous post (CLASH IT UP)I love to rock a print and these vibrant,tailored shorts really show off my style, bold,artistic and vintage...totally me!



Saturday, 8 November 2014


Apologies for the lack of posting! Things have been hectic but now my busy schedule has calmed down so hopefully I'll be back on track :) and posting more regularly!


Lately I've been obsessed with blue hues,fluffy Winter Coats and 
Peacock garms so when I sneaked this BEAUTIFUL Vintage Cardi from my Mum ;) it was a match made in Heaven.

I adore the shade,the style,the comfort,feather like texture and it's crazy statement look. My favourite feature are the flickers of multi-coloured strands which make this piece so unique and vibrant.

It's going to be FREEZING soon and this hand-knitted look is perfect for warmth and style!

Check out my Winter Picks later in the blog for more AMAZING Coats/Jackets (unfortunately you can't buy this one as it's vintage but all the looks in my wishlist are available to purchase! They'll have you wishing for payday ;) ).


I teamed the Jacket-Cardi with a plain black dress layered with a chunky,grey knit jumper underneath. I kept the rest of the outfit quite plain as the Jacket is the main focus of this look along with my Black Lace Up Boots. I also wore these boots in my previous blog
FALL FLORALS as you can see they're very versatile and perfect for Winter.

Below I've collated my favourite Statement Winter Coats!

1.I'm loving maroon and burgundy shades at the moment which are now on trend and perfect tones for A/W. This cool look is from and available to purchase at NASTY GAL.

2.Plum is the New Black.Who needs a black winter coat when you can have a hint of flare and colour? This dark plum coat is chic and versatile dues to it's subtle shade and when is fur never glamorous? This piece is from my trusty & favourite store H&M

3.This look is also from NASTY GAL . I really like the two-tone element and simple colour palette. It's over-sized,cool and stylish and can set off any winter outfit.

4. This coat made my heart drop. It's reminiscent of my Vintage Jacket due to it's flecks of multi-coloured fur and feather like texture.It's an amazing piece and truly is a Winter Fashion Statement! Shop this at H&M.

Thanks for reading! and stay tuned for more Winter Wonders & Fashion Looks.

Feel free to comment as I would love your insight & feedback :D.



Saturday, 11 October 2014



This recent look was kind of styled by default!

As some of you know I work for the Fashion Brand AXParis
and  our  big blogger A/W14 Press Day was coming up.
I was manic busy helping with the prep as well as my acting ( I scored a little cheeky role in Hamlet ;) )
So with all this going on I still had to decide what I was going to wear for our big fashion event.

We got to select from our New AW14 Collection and after rushing around in a panic this blouse caught my eye.

I loved the feather print and the hint of yellow and I knew I could style it up with the black high waisted jeans I also had my eye on.

PANIC MODE!!! I found  out another member of staff (senior to me :S ) ALSO wanted to wear the blouse so minutes before I finished work and  was due  to perform at the Theatre ,I ran around like a  headless chicken trying to find something to wear.

I ended up picking this Floral number. The change kind of threw me at first as I wanted to go for a edgy gothic look.

I felt the feminine floral didn't fit the style image I had created in my mind. 

After trying on my full outfit it was lacking my individual style and edge.

I looked at the floral blouse in the mirror and suddenly my floral vintage braces popped into my head, I knew that they'd work and quirk up this girly look.

I finished off the look with dark smokey eyes ,red lips and my fav lace up black boots .


The BLOUSE and HIGH WAISTED TROUSERS are available on the AX Paris website.

Unfortunately I bought my New Look boots YEARS ago but they     have a nice selection of HIGH LEG BOOTS so have a cheeky look !

I've recently discovered that Etsy is a good  place to to buy VINTAGE BRACES  so I suggest you have a gander :).

The Press Day was a great success. The ladies loved our New Collection,I met so many lovely bloggers including the lovely Stephi LaReine had a catch up with Frances Cassandra :D.Loved networking,eating cupcakes,sipping cocktails and had a ball in the photo booth with my AX Girls including my fellow fashionista Aina Akin.

Hope you've had good read :D.

Stay tuned for more...




Wednesday, 1 October 2014



When it comes to an outfit I always like to make a statement whether it's bold vintage earrings, a bright printed vintage Jacket,Blazer or a Loud T-shirt.

Lately I've  been loving clashing prints!

Queen B and Olivia Palermo stylishly demonstrate this look!

And as I've got a wardrobe full of crazy 80's blouses and printed harems and skirts it's not hard to recreate the style!

Unlike the style of these Stars this outfit is street but with a hint of chic as the Zara Blazer gives it a bit of sophistication. 


In this look my Tupac Tee and Army Skirt nicely clash due to the bold prints and complement each other as the colour palettes are similar.

Both these beauts are from Primark!.

You can purchase a similar T-shirt on Ebay

I struggled to find a camouflage piece with a similiar colour pallete but I've included some suggestions below:

This Dress from could be rocked with the t-shirt over it.

Or you could go with the traditional army shades and
sport this Tupac Camoouflage detail top
from Etsy with this cute Vintage Camo Print Mini Skirt from ASOS.

To add a bit of sophistication to the outfit add a Blazer or Duster Coat.

Zara have a gorgeous range to choose from and

H&M also have a amazing selection from a lower price range.

I hope you've had a good read :) & like this look!

I would love some feedback so don't be scared to comment.

Stay tuned for MORE.





Thursday, 11 September 2014



Sorry for the delay folks! I've been busy working at the AXParis HQ ( Having a full time job + a blog is crazzzaaay). For those of you that are AXParis Fans stayed tuned for more about the workplace as we've got loads of  events coming soon!


As a lover of Fashion. I celebrate and champion Independent & up and coming brands.The Fashion Industry isn't easy (from first hand experiences) and I admire anyone who's pursuing their career/dream.

In this outfit post I'm representing Spoken For Garments Ltd. 
A Manchester Based Street Style Brand specializing in cool graphic crop tops, men's tees and metallicwear.

The designer and founder of the company is my good friend
Farah Ajmal.

I'm so proud and I can't wait to see more future pieces!

Check out more of her hot looks via the link below:

I teamed up my SpokenFor Tiger Head Crop with my Fav Cow Vintage High Waisted Trousers.

Shop the Crop Here and check out Cow Vintage as they have an array of Gorgeous High Waisted Looks!

I accessorized my outfit with a vintage belt,scarf & jewels.

My Vintage scarf nicely complements the crop along with
my belt bringing out the black and gold colour palette whilst
my trousers nicely break it up.

My Green Chain is from the Vintage Village.
Vintage lovers I advise you to get down there!
I bagged some amazing bargains the last time I went.
 It's on every second Sunday of every month throughout the year, from 1.00 am to 4.00 pm at Stockport's Market Hall. 

I can never wear too many earrings and think my 80's bling
finishes off my Street Style Look.

I would advise you to buy vintage earrings from eBay as
they can be quite expensive in Charity & Vintage Shops (I guess I like things cheap & cheerful ;) ).

I hope you've enjoyed the read and look.

Stay Keen ;)

Love FashionByAFro


Saturday, 30 August 2014



 This look features my Fav Tupac T-shirt ( as you probably know I'm a HUGE fan) & Pleated Skirt.

Like my Makaveli Vintage feature it's a Street Style  Look but it has a more feminine,floaty vibe.

Statement T-shirts are a big part of my style , including in this outfit!
I nearly had a heart attack when I seen this top, the detail is amazing and I LOVE this
picture of Pac.

 I bought this top on eBay but it's originally from Urban Oufitters.


The other main features of this look are my bold accessories. 

photos by April Vernon

My Fatz K Headpiece and Fav Statement Indian Earring.

I'm obsessed with big earrings and often have ears like a Christmas Tree ( I have 9 piercings and boxes full of vintage jewels! :D ).

My Primark  skirt  gives it a Vintage feel.
My Mum kindly purchased me this pleated piece from a charity shop and for a while I genuinely thought it WAS Vintage ( if only you could see my surprise face when I seen the label lol).

My chain vintage belt breaks up the top and skirt and my Solovair Boots finish off the Look.

Hope you like this look..links to the items are below:

Tupac 'Picture Me Rollin' T-Shirt 
(I've linked to similar tops as this piece is limited edition)

Pleated  Skirt

(ASOS has a lovely array of skirts)

Fatz K Head Piece

Stay Tuned For More!


FashionByAFro xx


Saturday, 9 August 2014



So lately I've been in love with jumpsuits. Not only  are they a quick fix to any outfit problem and
comfortable to wear, when you take it back to the 80’S with studded diamante detail and shoulder pads it easily becomes a style statement.

I own quite a few vintage jumpsuits  and a lot of them are from this era.

From bold cotton prints to stone wash embellished denim I love them.

For a more casual look I wear my brown & black erratic check printed jumpsuit

 I bagged this bargain from the The Vintage Clothing Kilo Sale 
all the vintage items are priced by the weight, starts at around £15 per kilo 
(so you get around 4-5 lightweight vintage items for £15!! Bargains !!! ;-)

And a snap of my  tie dye pink jumpsuit embellished with chunky rhinestones
 which I'm obsessed with! This is from Cow Vintage.


photos by April Vernon

I  also snapped this beauty from COW and I was instantly in love with it!

I think I'm drawn to vintage because it's unique , I love the attention to detail and the boldness.

I teamed up this jumpsuit with my Rare Solovair Croc Boots. 

I bought these from eBay I'm a big fan of sturdy stylish shoe brands such as Timberland, Solovair and Doc Martens. They're long lasting, practical and are also  a fashion statement.

As this style is Limited Edition they are hard to find but I do see them the odd time on eBay.

Check out their website as they have other beautiful styles .

I hope you loved this look, stay tuned for more :) .


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