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Lately I've been inspired by fallen leaves and the golden,orange shades of Autumn.

I instantly knew that my floral culottes would help create the perfect Fall Look. 
Not only are they a hot trend this season but the colour palette is ideal;burnt oranges,mustards,deep maroons and golden browns. 

As you may know from previous post (CLASH IT UP)I love to rock a print and these vibrant,tailored shorts really show off my style, bold,artistic and vintage...totally me!


I love to make a statement and my 80's Leather Jacket,Cowboy Boots and Chunky Zip Ring Necklace were also key pieces in this look.

The brown leathers complemented my culottes as they kept in with my warm Autumn colour theme and the bronze metal broke up the outfit and added an edge.

I love detail and each piece had it's quirks from the shoulder pads and pleats in the jacket,the brown trim and cut outs in the boots,the zip neck piece had so much detail alone from the chunky metal components,textures and metallic shades to the vibrant,bold, floral culottes.

My black long sleeve top nicely broke up the outfit.  

Most of this look is Vintage so I've linked some suggestions below:

My VINTAGE LEATHER JACKET is from COW VINTAGE you may have recognised it from my first ever blog post MAKAVELI VINTAGE!
It's my favourite staple piece and can be rocked with any look.
Check out ETSY for similar looks.

The bespoke ZIP STATEMENT NECKLACE is a FATZ K piece.
My Mum is a very talented women and I often wear her bespoke,couture Jewels.

The CULOTTES were from a charity shop (I always seem to find some hidden jems ;) ).Try ETSY for a bold look as they have a wide range of gorgeous printed culottes.

My beautiful COWBOY BOOTS are by VIC MATIE a high end Italian Shoe & Bag Designer.I bagged these from OXFAM :D at a ridiculous,amazing price
If you want statement,chic shoes check out their website.
For cowboy boots I'd suggest EBAY as they always have a good selection.

I hope you love this look as much as I do.

Stay tuned for more.


FashionByAFro xXx


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