Saturday, 8 November 2014


Apologies for the lack of posting! Things have been hectic but now my busy schedule has calmed down so hopefully I'll be back on track :) and posting more regularly!


Lately I've been obsessed with blue hues,fluffy Winter Coats and 
Peacock garms so when I sneaked this BEAUTIFUL Vintage Cardi from my Mum ;) it was a match made in Heaven.

I adore the shade,the style,the comfort,feather like texture and it's crazy statement look. My favourite feature are the flickers of multi-coloured strands which make this piece so unique and vibrant.

It's going to be FREEZING soon and this hand-knitted look is perfect for warmth and style!

Check out my Winter Picks later in the blog for more AMAZING Coats/Jackets (unfortunately you can't buy this one as it's vintage but all the looks in my wishlist are available to purchase! They'll have you wishing for payday ;) ).


I teamed the Jacket-Cardi with a plain black dress layered with a chunky,grey knit jumper underneath. I kept the rest of the outfit quite plain as the Jacket is the main focus of this look along with my Black Lace Up Boots. I also wore these boots in my previous blog
FALL FLORALS as you can see they're very versatile and perfect for Winter.

Below I've collated my favourite Statement Winter Coats!

1.I'm loving maroon and burgundy shades at the moment which are now on trend and perfect tones for A/W. This cool look is from and available to purchase at NASTY GAL.

2.Plum is the New Black.Who needs a black winter coat when you can have a hint of flare and colour? This dark plum coat is chic and versatile dues to it's subtle shade and when is fur never glamorous? This piece is from my trusty & favourite store H&M

3.This look is also from NASTY GAL . I really like the two-tone element and simple colour palette. It's over-sized,cool and stylish and can set off any winter outfit.

4. This coat made my heart drop. It's reminiscent of my Vintage Jacket due to it's flecks of multi-coloured fur and feather like texture.It's an amazing piece and truly is a Winter Fashion Statement! Shop this at H&M.

Thanks for reading! and stay tuned for more Winter Wonders & Fashion Looks.

Feel free to comment as I would love your insight & feedback :D.



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