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Sorry for the delay folks! I've been busy working at the AXParis HQ ( Having a full time job + a blog is crazzzaaay). For those of you that are AXParis Fans stayed tuned for more about the workplace as we've got loads of  events coming soon!


As a lover of Fashion. I celebrate and champion Independent & up and coming brands.The Fashion Industry isn't easy (from first hand experiences) and I admire anyone who's pursuing their career/dream.

In this outfit post I'm representing Spoken For Garments Ltd. 
A Manchester Based Street Style Brand specializing in cool graphic crop tops, men's tees and metallicwear.

The designer and founder of the company is my good friend
Farah Ajmal.

I'm so proud and I can't wait to see more future pieces!

Check out more of her hot looks via the link below:

I teamed up my SpokenFor Tiger Head Crop with my Fav Cow Vintage High Waisted Trousers.

Shop the Crop Here and check out Cow Vintage as they have an array of Gorgeous High Waisted Looks!

I accessorized my outfit with a vintage belt,scarf & jewels.

My Vintage scarf nicely complements the crop along with
my belt bringing out the black and gold colour palette whilst
my trousers nicely break it up.

My Green Chain is from the Vintage Village.
Vintage lovers I advise you to get down there!
I bagged some amazing bargains the last time I went.
 It's on every second Sunday of every month throughout the year, from 1.00 am to 4.00 pm at Stockport's Market Hall. 

I can never wear too many earrings and think my 80's bling
finishes off my Street Style Look.

I would advise you to buy vintage earrings from eBay as
they can be quite expensive in Charity & Vintage Shops (I guess I like things cheap & cheerful ;) ).

I hope you've enjoyed the read and look.

Stay Keen ;)

Love FashionByAFro



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