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As promised in my last post SIMPLE SOUL here's my fashion look featuring T-shirt brand THROWBACK TEES.
Celebrity printed tees are a huge trend at the moment and music t-shirts have always been a big part of my wardrobe ( my chest of draws are full to the brim with cool prints and iconic figures).

I've been rocking TUPAC tops since I was 15 years old and over the past few years I've wore music gems such as the late AMY WINEHOUSE, my style crush GWEN STEFANI , LAURYN HILL and in a recent blog post AALIYAH.

In this blog post I'm repping BRITNEY SPEARS who I've always been a fan of and when I think about her it always take me back to childhood.
 I was obsessed with her 'Hit me baby one more time' video  haha and loved her tracks with Neptunes.

I recently watched a lifetime film based on her life which reinforced  my love for her.


THROWBACK TEES is the sister brand of ROYAL TEES LONDON.
 I wrote about ROYAL TEES LONDON in my COLD AS ICE post.
Their t-shirt line focuses on 90's Hip-hop and Pop iconic musicians where as THROWBACK TEES is full of cool nostalgic celebrities and characters taking you way back to your 90's childhood.

I literally can't wait to wear their KENAN & KEL TEE in one of my next fashion posts.

Double denim outfits are my favourite look so I styled my BRITNEY TEE with my 80's Denim Dress which I've styled as a full length jacket and ripped denim jeans.

Accessories are a key part of an outfit and add detail and character to fashion looks.
I love bold, unique jewelry so I wore my antique filigree choker which was originally a VICTORIAN BELT (shout out to my Mum for the alteration) and FATZ K AELLA HINGED DOUBLE RING .  

I've linked to some of their cool Tees and similar items so you can recreate this vibe.

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