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I've not spoke about this subject but it's a big part of my life.
I know this is my fashion blog but I want to create awareness and  send love and light to my fellow stammerers.
I do actually have a stammer blog ( I'm slacking at the moment)  but I do want to capture my journey and show support to those who are struggling at the moment. The thought pains me because I've been there and  I hate the thought of anyone being as low as I was.

Having a stammer from the age of 4 has been the biggest struggle of my life. Talking has been my biggest fear and when I hit late teens I hid my true torment and depression from family and friends. Building up my confidence myself and going on the MCGuire Programme literally changed my life. I've walked up to and spoken to 101 strangers today and have spoken to 410 from my first course only in June as well as public speaking in city centres around the UK. I wouldn't of dared of doing such a thing in my widest dreams and last but not least I can finally say my name and be proud of myself. If you know anyone who has a stammer /stutter the Mcguire Programme is the deal! There's courses all around the world so  it's accessible. It's not a cure there is no cure or cause but you can control your speech and that is such a huge thing and also be happy with your impedement. Spread the love tell a loved one a friend and a friend of a friend. Let them speak with strength and finally find their voice.

A link to the programme is below:

And I'm working on my other blog which WILL BE UPDATED SOON & on  a REGULAR basis.

Thank you for reading. I truly appreciate it!



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