Saturday, 4 July 2015



I think this is the girliest I've ever looked in my life! lol
Bar my hip-hop Street Style I do have a feminine vintage side and like to wear a pretty dress from time to time.

I adore this dress and picked it up from a Blue Rinses Vintage Kilo Sale in Manchester. The colour is stunning! I love turquoise as it's one of my favourite colours and nicely complements my skin tone.

 Their sales are great for bargains and if you have a good look you'll find yourself some beautiful statement pieces so check out their Instagram for updates :

I was definitely going for a retro vibe styling my dress with a vintage scarf and once again rockin my LUKE GRANT MULLER Brogues.

Accessories are essential and I love bling so I wore my FATZ K Pearl Knuckle Duster and my mums High waisted belt.
Belts are great for either enhancing your shape and breaking up a look .BEYOND RETRO have some cute belts so check out there website. 

A cute dress is  ideal for this season so I've linked to some similar looks below

Vintage 1970's Mint Green Pleated Shirt Dress Belt Sz 14

Shout out to my boy SAQ for the amazing photography! Nuff Love :D
Check his work out on IG @SC_SNAPS

I hope you like the look ;) and check out some of the cute garmz and cool websites above.

Feel free to comment as I'd love to know what you think of my blog.
Thanks for reading. 

Love Fashion By A Fro  



  1. I got some retro and pirate vibes(the belt) and I love it. Really cute look!


    1. Aww thanks so much. So glad you like the look xx


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